Sunday, May 7, 2017

Youtube Channel & The Political Middle Eastern & North African Vinyl Project

As you might have noticed already for some years, I unfortunately don't have time to maintain this oddity blog next to my regular one. It's unfortunate because it gave me another platform for more "off" projects and culturally interesting oddities in the world of Vinyl and Music. I often find strange records and want to share them with you, mostly: political, strange easy listening, spoken word, theatre, anthropological field recordings etc. etc.

The content of this blog basically moved directly to the YouTube channel of Archaic Inventions. Most rips are still my own and information on the music is written in the description box of the video instead of on this blog. You can subscribe to the YouTube Channel HERE or follow this link:

As of right now the ongoing project aims at uncovering and preserving Political Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) records (Vinyl) from the collection of my dear friend David Oranje (@DavidOranje) who is a MENA journalist and collector of these specific records.

Our aim is to collect and upload these records solely because of their exceptional cultural, historical, and political value, and because we wish to grant interested persons the opportunity to listen to them as well, not because we necessarily agree with their contents. The views represented on these records by no means represent those of the collector and uploader. We moreover wish to shed light on the political vinyl output of the Middle East and North Africa because of its contemporary (and obviously historical) importance.

We want to create a platform for this specific musical realm and hope to eventually create artistic, theoretical and musical projects. First by creating mixtapes accompanied by written narratives that show paths in the musical and sono-political history of the Middle East and North-Africa. Once this project holds more ground, chances are that it moves to a new platform or website specifically dedicated to this topic.

All physical and digital donations (specially vinyl records with titles in Arabic) that are not listed on Discogs or that are very hard to find in Europe are highly appreciated. Feel free to contact us. You can find the Political Middle Eastern and North African Vinyl Project here:

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