Sunday, January 25, 2015

Louis Andriessen - Golven -1982- (LP, Attacca), Netherlands

Louis Andriessen is a renowned Dutch modern Composer. He comes from a family of composers and created many works. Some of them very improvisational or in collaboration with other Dutch experimental musicians. This here is a soundtrack he did for the film "Golven" (meaning "Waves") by Dutch director Annette Apon. The music is quite soft and beautiful with subtle impro-based piano-work and other instruments invoking images of the (Dutch) sea. Many musicians on here were part of the Willem Breuker Collective or other Dutch Modern Composed, Jazz and Impro groups. Golven is a film based on the book The Waves by Vriginia Woolf from 1931. The plot of the film tells us:

"Six characters try to rediscover their childhood feeling of harmony. Through streams of thought the intensity of their childhood, their optimism of youthfulnes and the desillusion of getting older is being described. In its form, Golven is not just a cinematographic adaptation of the book. The images are inspired by the structure of the book. The viewer is being taken on a journey. Through elements of the here and now he is slowly escorted into a historical fiction."

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  1. thank you, this looks interesting on many accounts. -a.v.

  2. thank you, this looks interesting on many accounts. -a.v.

  3. Hi , any possibility of a re-upload for the Golven album. Andreissen's work is golden, i had never heard this score before. x